Meet the Staff

Hot Takes! is a new podcast based out in Houston, Texas, discussing all things going on the sporting world and providing listeners with the HOTTEST TAKES! Not only do we discuss sports, but also politics, movies, medicine, business and the dumbest things you can think of. So crack open a beer, sit back and let’s meet the staff of Hot Takes!.


Cole Thompson- Host 

Cole Thompson is your leading host of Hot Takes!. Thompson has been working in the sporting field since he was 18 years old and probably won’t quit til he actually turns this podcast into something bigger than just living off paycheck to paycheck to pay for the studio. Thompson covers the Houston Texans for USAToday’ TheTexansWire and well as covers the NFL Draft. A graduate of The University of Alabama, Thompson owns two degrees in Sports Journalism and English. When not in the studio or trying to break a story for the Texans, you can find Cole probably either drinking a Shiner Bock or going to the gym to try and fix his “height issue”, which we’ve all told him doesn’t exist. Feel free to email Thompson with horrible critiques and comments at You can always find a way to get in a heated argument by following Thompson on Twitter at @MrColeThompson.



 Kyle Thompson- Host 



Carlos Gosslien- Producer